Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about PopCon? Want to know about how to meet your favorite celebrities or have questions about cosplay? Here is the place to navigate your way around PopCon.

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If they are a service animal, yes. Otherwise, no, per our contracted facility’s guidelines.

All facilities in which we operate are ADA compliant. Information can be found HERE for Indy and HERE for Louisville.

You do not, but might make it easier on you.  If you are able to pull up the QR code via your phone, we just need something to scan.

If they are refillable water bottles, they sure are!

The loaded question of all loaded questions!  We are putting together a good response to this so check back 🙂

Several very good ones, yes 🙂 We will link to them when they become available to the public.

We used to have a physically printed program, but have stopped producing it for two very good reasons:  1. it was using too much paper and 2. if any information changed (such as schedule times and locations) changed after we sent it to the printers, it creates a ton of confusion.  All program items are now available in our schedule via this website or the app.

Celebrity Photo Ops are a fantastic opportunity to get a professional photo with a celebrity of your choice, and are highly encouraged. The costs vary depending on the celebrity, and can be discovered on the event’s respective ticketing page or onsite at the Celebrity Photo Ops booth.

We sure do, and they are HIGHLY encouraged, even for stay-cations! Check HERE for the the available options!

Most facilities have a strict no-outside-food/beverage rule in favor of their respective internal food/beverage providers.  That is currently the case with all venues in which we currently are contracted.

Why yes we do!  The most up-to-date PopCon Code of Conduct can be found HERE

The most up-to-date PopCon Weapon Policy can be found HERE


Please email and we can escalate it to the proper individual.

Info about parking will be made available when we are able.


All purchases made via our ticketing platform have a no refund policy. If it is admission, it is transferable, so pass your admission to a friend or family member!

A LOT! Rather than hard-code the particular VIP perks into this single answer, the best way to always see the amazing list of bonuses that come with a VIP admission, simply head to the ticketing page of whichever event you are inquiring about, find the VIP admission, and all the perks will be listed right there!

Kids age 10 and under are indeed free with a paying adult.  Every adult admission comes with a corresponding “Geekling” admission.  Geekling = Kid in the PopCon world. Ages 11 and up are grown-ups 🙂

There is! We provide a discount code for what we collectively call “First Responders” which includes Military, Police, Fire, EMT’s and Nurses!  Simply email and we will make sure you and your team get taken care of!

From your original confirmation email, click on on the button “View Your Order Online”.  From that online ticket page, find the ticket you would like to upgrade, and click the “Upgrade” button. Once there, there will be a dropdown of options to be upgraded with the upgrade price.  Couldn’t be easier!

Whereas we are highly appreciative you want to participate in the ability to record your podcast live in front of an audience, admission to the event by you, your friends and family is how it is all made possible.

We offer the awards themselves at a significantly discounted rate (or even free in one case free) compared to our peers and we do not profit on those events. Paid admission for you, your friends and family are how we are able to rent the space and infrastructure to provide these amazing events.

Celebrities & Guests

You sure do, and we will do so automatically without you needing to ask, just give us a few business days to process.

They sure will.  Each item is its own separate fee.  If there is a very long line, the total quantity may be limited to help the celebrity get to more individuals.

Guest announcements happen only after we receive a signed contract for that particular event. We will then make the proper scheduling of the announcement for both us and the entity being announced.  In the circumstance that it is a long time before the event itself, we often hold onto batches of guests so we announce more at one time.

Simply email with your information and requirements and we will be in contact


The most up-to-date PopCon Cosplay Policy can be found HERE.

The most up-to-date PopCon Weapon Policy can be found HERE