Booth NameBooth
2MMNY600.0 sell original fanart drawings, metal prints, metal bookmarks, and walletsAnime
Abigail Emmert ArtA15https://abigailemmertart.comArt prints from my original whimsical oil paintings, stickers, and original character hand-made amigurumi.Art
Adam’s ArtboxD6, D7https://www.adamsartbox.comTraditional ink and watercolor available in print work and the originals themselvesComics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Art, Film, Anime, Other
Adventurers' Loot649, 748http://www.AdventurersLoot.comCosplay gear, garb, and weapons for dungeon or space station crawls, or encountering those weird anime creatures.Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Comics, Cosplay
Agi Jagi Shop355, 454, bags, keychains, acrylic standees, doll clothes, enamel pins, stickersAnime
Alicia May CollectionA9 jewelry and accessories. Pop culture and characterAnime, Comics, Sci Fi, Cosplay, Film
Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownsership (ARPO)659
Allison's Anime Art499.0 painted anime plexiglass, also prints of original painting, ornaments and book markers.

*** Allison does not have a URL - had to put one so I could buy booth***

Instagram - @allisonsanimeart
Anime, Art
Amazing Imaginarium131, 133, 230, 232 50 choices of fan favorite mystery boxes. Plush and toys as wellOther
Analog Art491.0 paintings, prints and stickers.Sci Fi, Fantasy, Video Gaming, Art, Film, Literature
Angel BalmsD18http://www.angelbalms.comI am a freelance professional artist with previous work in the mobile gaming and childrens book industries. My brand is called Angel Balms- encapsulating anime-inspired original characters and their pets into toy plushies, apparel, keychains, enamel pins, stickers, and an array of handmade cosmetics inspired by each of the characters. Attendees can take home their favorite characters as merch and lip balms, then watch animated story episodes and read character bios on the Angel Balms website.Anime, Art
Anime Crew LLC255, 257, 259http://www.theanimecrew.comAnime Crew LLC carries and displays Games, Costumes, Action Figure, Wall Scroll/Poster, Plush, Blue Ray/DVD, Clothes/T-shirt/Hoodies, Bag, Key Chain, Body Pillow, Wallet, Cap, Jewelry/Accessory, Flag, and etc.Anime
Anime Crossroads458.0
antotakuA10 made stickers and apparel.Anime
AP Collectibles261, 263http://www.NotApplicable.comSideshow, Hot Toys, pop culture street signs, replica license plates, vinyl decals & buttonsOther, Comics, Sci Fi, Anime, Fantasy, Board Gaming, Video Gaming, Music, Film
ApheenxD16 have a 2 comics in my series. I also handmake crystal jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings) and sell Apheenx t-shirts and Apheenx crystal shoes.Comics
AppaBulk Space Hall E
Arts By CurtisF7 painted anime Canvas’. I also have my own manga and kids books!Anime, Art
ArtsieArtistE10http://artsieartist.square.siteI will be selling poster and mini prints of anime stylized characters, commissions, originals, stickers, buttons, keychains, and stationary like journals and notebooks.Anime, Fantasy, Comics, Video Gaming, Art
ArtXHoodF11’ll be selling anime traditional fan art, prints, bookmarks, and sketch cards.Anime, Art
Arty Alex CreationsD3, D4 and creepy art!Fantasy, Video Gaming, Anime, Art
Author Alley379,381,383,476,482#N/A#N/A#N/A
Author Whittney Corum394.0 will be selling self published books along with items which go with them. (book marks, prints and pins)Fantasy, Literature
Autumn Serenity IllustrationC8 will sell art prints, stickers, bookmarks, buttons, keychains, etc., of popular anime, video games, and original artwork.Anime, Art, Video Gaming
BadgerQueenCraftsE16https://www.badgerqueencrafts.comBQC sells handmade bags, wallets, resin keychains, resin accessories, stickers, pins, and more.Art
BakerMakes650http://www.bakermakes.comHandmade pens with pieces of movie/TV memorabilia embedded inside. Pieces such as costumes, props, and set pieces. I also make handmade home goods and jewelryComics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Video Gaming, Film
Bandai Games/Nani Entertainment401, 500#N/A#N/A#N/A
Beard Alliance681.0#N/A#N/A#N/A
Benjamin OnealB9 am an author. The genre of books that I will sell our: science fiction, crime thriller, and books of short stories of many genres.Sci Fi, Other
Bittersweet Haven214.0 art designs in the form of plushies, art prints, stickers, keychains, and similar products.Art
Black Bazaar213.0 Necklaces, Rings, keychains and pins from over 2000 fandoms! GIANT Inflatable D20s, custom D20 dice and accessories, unique handmade leather books, Pocket belts/pouches, cat ears and collars, Movie, TV show and pop culture custom props that are unique, one of a kind, and exclusive to our company.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Board Gaming, Video Gaming, Cosplay, Art, Music, Literature, Film, Other
Blade daddy location 1336, 338http://www.bladedaddy.comSwordsSci Fi, Fantasy, Video Gaming, Cosplay, Other
Blade daddy location 2679, 778http://www.bladedaddy.comSwordsSci Fi, Fantasy, Video Gaming, Cosplay, Other
Blue.Hued.RoseB8 am an illustrator, and I hope to sell some of my original art. I have a lot of eastern and western style fantasy art, as well as some fantasy combined with urban/streetwear art.Art, Fantasy, Anime
BOOKISH by Bloom + Branded354, 356 custom design and engrave 40oz stainless steal tumblers. And make tshirts. I have a licensed Sarah J Maas line that has sold out at every market the last few months. (Laser engraved Apple Watch bands may also be available in time for this event as well)Fantasy, Literature, Other, Anime, Video Gaming
Boz BooksF17 sells the books he writes. From creepy macabre to jovial fictions of science to fantastical lifestyles in medieval worlds. Boz will be selling his latest novel "Kipner's Book" with one-of-a-kind Boz Seal signatures.Fantasy, Literature
Breezy Cat DesignsC16 and accessories made from upcycled games and other materials.Board Gaming, Cosplay, Other
BYO Lightsaber613.0 Fi
CaineNightA6https://cainenight.etsy.comFanart including keychains, lanyards, stickers, art prints, acrylic pins, and buttons.Anime, Art
Cam Artin CreationsB4 Pop! with custom 1:1 hand-painted remarque artwork on the box.Comics, Art, Anime
candellakokoroC1 paintings, prints, buttons, stickers, bookmarks

Jewelry: necklaces, earrings, bracelets
Art, Fantasy, Anime
Candy Rabbit ArtsE17 Rabbit Arts is a small business located in Chicago that specializes in anime-inspired and original art. Some of our collections offers charms and custom photo keychains, allowing you to personalize your accessories with your favorite designs and characters. Explore our website to find unique creations.Anime, Art
Captive Fancy645.0https://www.captivefancy.comHandmade stained glass items, plushies, tumblers, hats, keychains, purses/bagsFantasy, Video Gaming, Art, Other
Cara Greenleaf Designs125, 127http://www.caragreenleaf.comHandmade chain maille jewelry, armor, toys and accessoriesCosplay, Art, Other
Cardz Xtcetera/Bowendragon543, 545, manga, collectibles, Asian snacks/beverages, swords, knives and much more.Anime, Fantasy, Board Gaming, Sci Fi, Cosplay, Art, Other, Comics
Cartoon Passion324, 326 anime and kawaii plush, figures, clothing and fashion accessoriesAnime
Cartoon Passion655, 657 anime and kawaii plush, figures, clothing and fashion accessoriesAnime
Cartoons by AndieB16 artwork/caricatures, pinback buttons with a 3d effect, stickersAnime, Art, Video Gaming
CartoonUps Caricatures519, 521 hand drawn caricatures of You, as your favorite superhero, movie/fantasy/SiFi character, horror theme, etc.
Catbat ArtE5, horror, and TTRPG inspired art prints and originals as well as coloring books, fantasy-themed mousepads, and handmade ttrpg dice sets!Fantasy, Art
CERIAS Purdue University278.0#N/A#N/A#N/A
ChibitasmA5 Badges - 3" handmade laminated character badges that come on a clip

Keychains - 2" double-sided acrylic keychains on a lobster claw hook. 

Prints - 11x17 fanart prints. I plan on adding a lot of original work throughout the year.

Pillow Plusies - 14" character pillow plushies

Rugs - 40" vibrant and cute rugs with TPR nonslip backing

Planters - Small planters for pots in the shape of fish

Enamel Pins
Anime, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Comics, Video Gaming, Art, Film, Literature
Circle City Collectibles297.0 figurinesOther, Anime
CJA ArtB14 will be selling art prints that are sizes 8x10 or A4. I drew all of these images myself, digitally. My prints are of tv, movie, and anime characters. I will also be selling 2in buttons and stickers of the same characters, coasters, and candlesComics, Anime, Art, Film
Clandestine Crystals386http://www.clandestinecrystals.comClandestine crystals strives to bring you the best crystals, great selection at reasonable prices. We are passionate about bringing you all types of divination tools also. Helping you pick out the best products for you is always my goal!Other, Fantasy
Clare Lurks CreationsF8 on-site commissions digital and traditional artwork, Keychains, Buttons, notebooks, both metal and paper prints! Including pride themed items to scenecore/emo aesthetic artworkFantasy, Art
CleverFox00E3 and fanart prints, bags, stationary, charms and stickers ♥Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Art, Video Gaming
CNA GAMES195, 294https://cnagames.comVideo Games, Trading Cards, Anime Collectibles, Gundam Model Kits, Etc.Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Other
Collectors universe and anime inc291, 390 plush, figure and keyyAnime
Comet JuiceF15, Charms, Earrings, Stickers, Pins
Comics Price Guide599, 698#N/A#N/A#N/A
Copper CarouselD15 Prints, Stickers, Lanyards and Buttons of fan favorite characters as well as characters from my original game/comic!Anime, Art
Coz3D627.0http://www.coz3d.comStar Wars based 3D printed props and replicas.Sci Fi, Cosplay
CryptidFoxeE13 plush dolls, prints, acrylic charms, buttons, stickers, keychains.Fantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Film
Cultured Swines591.0https://cultured-swines.comWe specialize in creating framed stained glass-style artwork, as well as various handmade keychains, stickers, prints, posters, and buttons. Our collection includes lenticular posters and stickers, all inspired by pop culture fandoms ranging from anime and comics to nostalgia and video game art.Anime, Comics, Video Gaming, Art, Other
Curiosity Peeked636.0 figures, plush and various Japanese imported itemsAnime
D's Vintage Toys and Collectibles LLC151.0https://dstoysshop.comWe sell items in Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel Transformers, Pokemon as well as Funko NECA and other TV Movie figures.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Film, Other
Darling HomebodyB12 make stickers, pins, prints and gifts for sweet and salty goths, gays, girls & theys. My most popular items being the holographic magical girl/boy/they tote bags and handmade resin mini figures.Art, Anime, Comics
DB3D579, 678http://www.db3d.ioBeautiful 3D printed objectsAnime, Board Gaming, Fantasy
Demijoon & SpoonzieD12 Prints
Divine Collectors501, 503https://amazingbookscards.tcgplayerpro.comAnime merchandise trading cardsAnime
Dizzy Leopard ShopF6 Leopard makes bright and colorful art/hand sewn itemsAnime, Fantasy, Art
DoriesDoodlesF3 am an artist so I will be selling: art prints of original art and fan art, buttons, pins, keychains, stickers and commissions.Anime, Art
Dragon Alley515https://www.dragonalley.shopCrowns and Tiaras, face vales, Headpieces, unusual jewelry, hair sticksFantasy, Cosplay, Other
Enchanted PlaygroundE15, artistically inspired, embroidered accessories. Offerings such as handbags, wallets, zipper bags, keyfobs, coasters, patches, shoe wings, bookmarks, coffee cuffs, stuffies, wall art and so much more! Inspiration is found on a very broad spectrum from macabre and spooky to geeky and gamer with a flyby of many different're sure to find something for everyone! After all...everyone is a fan of something.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Board Gaming, Video Gaming, Cosplay, Art, Music, Literature, Film, Other
Equipped USA481, 483 sell anime swords, fantasy knives and foam and plastic swords.Fantasy, Anime
ESVARS LLC460, 462 and Manga related articles such as Ponchos, apparel,Figures, plushies,backpacks, accessories and moreAnime
Eta Carinae Art582.0 prints and stickersComics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Video Gaming, Art
Ethereal Illustrations & CreationsC11 sell prints of both vibrant colours and metallic foils, most of which also come in bookmarks, along with stickers, crystal bracelets, whimsical ear wraps, and essential oil perfumes based after various mythological deities.
I will also promote my comic series The River Runs Black, as seen on WebTOON.
Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Cosplay, Art
Evansville Raptor Con589.0https://www.theraptorcon.comEvansville Raptor Con is a pop culture and geek convention located in Evansville, Indiana.Other
Evidential MythsA8 Blu Ray Dvds, trading card game starter decks, and movie posters.Fantasy, Art, Film, Other
Extra Life245.0http://extra-life.orgExtra Life is a charity organization to help gamers and others raise funds and awareness for their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Locally this is to help raise funds and awareness for Riley Hospital.Board Gaming, Video Gaming
fautbarbF12http://fautbarb.comScreen printed and sublimated T-shirts and sweatshirts, iron on patches, weatherproof vinyl stickers, acrylic and enamel pins, frosted cups, buttons, coasters, mouse pads, tote bags, coin purses, keychains, charmsAnime, Art
Fongnetic402.0, Pins, Keychains, Mousepads, Tees, cards, stickers,Anime, Art
FrankenPupE1, sticker, keychains, terrariums and dioramas, enamel pins, vinyl decals, t-shirts, and commissions!Art, Other, Video Gaming, Anime
Friendly Neighborhood Collectibles243, 342 Pops, Vintage Plush, squishmallows, vintage and new action figures, vintage and new comics, vintage and newer cards, funko sodas: marvel, dc, tmnt, motu, transformers, nickelodeon, disney, my little pony, ghostbusters, wwe, power rangers, trolls, horror, scooby doo, pokemon cards, Figures, and plush, carebears, disney pins, miscellaneous pins, cassettes, vhs, and other 80s, 90s, 2000s toys.Sci Fi, Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Music
Fun-Z Face Painting708.0 paintingComics, Anime
Fur, Fun, and More!D11 costume accessories, along with fanart and original artAnime, Cosplay, Video Gaming
Gacha-Gacha Station279, 281, 283 exhibit at PopCon Indy with more than 160 Gacha-Gacha boxes you can play from ranging from Anime, comics, Sanrio, Kawaii goods, animals/creatures, to many other collectibles. All of them are licensed and imported from Japan. Come check us out!!!Anime, Comics, other
GAKF13 PrintsAnime, Comics, Art, Music
Galvanized ArtA1 prints (fan art and original), stickers, buttons, acrylic charms, enamel pins, needle felted craft itemsSci Fi, Fantasy, Art, Film, Other
GAME X CHANGE387, 389, 391, 486, 488, 490 and Pre-owned console games(retro to new gen) collectibles, statues, figurines, pops, posters, TCG, anime merch, plushy, models, gundam, industry relatable boxsets, movies and toy/novelty.

I own 21 store locations throughout KY and TN. We buy, sell, trade the items listed above and more. We will have a ton of unique, collectible, and popular items for sale.
Video Gaming, Anime, Film, Comics, Sci Fi
Gameuphoria531, 533 dabble in most things gaming/nerdy Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, One Piece, Lorcana, Warhammer, Video games and systems, D&D books and supplies. Buy, Sell, Trade all of the above.Video Gaming, Board Gaming, Other
Gaming At Joe's620.0 between indie board games that I have created and anime and fantasy style jewelry and novelty Items.Fantasy, Board Gaming
Gary the BBQ Chef359.0#N/A#N/A#N/A
Gavin Otteson ArtB3https://www.gavinottesonart.comOriginal paintings, art prints, and stickers. The themes I typically work in are science fiction, fantasy, nostalgia, and pop culture.Sci Fi, Fantasy, Art
Geektastik637.0 create everything from D&D to magic the gathering to game accessories to custom artwork and wall decor. Are use a laser cutter, a 3-D printer, a CNC and a vinyl cutter to make everything myself. I also have a full wood shop to create custom pieces. I do have photos upon request. My Etsy store has done over 3000 in sales. We are currently switching the name to geektastik and that process should be done in the next two weeks.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Board Gaming, Video Gaming, Art
Geeky Experience691.0, we sell modern and silver age comicsComics
GlanceReviver ArtF2 prints (all made by me, no ai or whatever, mix of fanart and original characters) acrylic keychains and standees, books/comics, on-site commissionsAnime, Fantasy, Comics, Video Gaming, Art, Literature
Gold Star Anime and Games494.0http://www.goldstaranime.comWe sell anime collectible figures, plushes, bags, art books, T-shirts and accessories such as necklace, key chains, cellphone straps & cases, pins, TCG (Weiss Schwarz,Yugioh, MTG, pokemon) & many Board Games.Anime
Grand Rapids Comic-Con760.0http://www.grcomiccon.comComic books, posters, MTG/Pokemon cards, graphic novels, and jewelry. Also promoting the Grand Rapids Comic-Con.Comics, Board Gaming, Anime
GrimStylesArt203.0https://www.Grimstylesart.comHandmade Strange and Unique Dice, Liquid core dice, Stickers and Pins!Board Gaming
Gus Fugazi Records586.0https://gusfugazirecords.comNew and used vinyl from all over the world. Lots of titles, genres and colored vinyl.Music
Harmony Rose Maid Cafe497.0’ll be promoting our future events, & selling our merchandise (stickers and enamel pins)!Cosplay, Anime
Heartel Design539.0https://hearteldesign.comEnamel pins, lanyards, original art, stickers, other cute items!Art
Hoof 'n Horn Diceworks496Handmade dice, 3d prints, tabletop gaming accessories
Hooked on Sabers225, 227https://Www.hookedonsabers.comStar Wars Lightsabers and Glass PokeballsAnime, Cosplay, Film
Hot D8218.0http://www.thatsportsbar.comFreeze dried candy, D8 drinks , gummies and cookiesArt
Hot Spot Collectibles and Toys LLC695, 697 carry only the best in Collectibles Toys Action Figures and so much more!Sci Fi, Anime, Video Gaming, Comics, Art
Huge Brands PopCon Shop143, 145, 242, 244#N/A#N/A#N/A
Hz CustomsE6 Custom resin TTRPG Dice in 7 piece sets, and D6 sets of 6. Some of my D20s are in the form of necklaces, and some of my D20s are DeathSaves. I may have D20 vinyl stickers at the time of event alongside my Dice.
Some are color-themed to pop culture (Stranger Things nostalgic colors), and some off video games (Borderlands/Wonderlands styling).
Board Gaming, Art
Infinite Diversity251, 350https://infinitediversitycpz.square.siteScience fiction, comic, anime, fantasy toys and collectibles including but not limited to Star Trek, Star Wars, Anime, Doctor Who, etc.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime
IvanpatchF14 Painted anime/ geek canvases as well as skate decks, prints, stickers and original watercolor art.Comics, Anime, Art
J.u.i. Brand MediaB13 original Comic book called Skrap.. we have a variety of Merch, shirts, comics, toys, posters, stickers, etcComics, Anime
Jade Raven ArtsB7 prints, stickers, coasters, keychains, zines, bookmarks, and more featuring my artwork.Art
JaeElizabethArt237, 239’m selling traditional art prints. Possibly stickers, pins, and keychains of my art.Anime, Art
Jelly Howl StudiosF16Hand sewn items such as furry tails, paws and ears
JennGuineD14https://jennguine.etsy.comStickers, small prints, small crafted items, pins, magnets, keychains, stationary, mystery bags, buttons, lanyardsAnime, Video Gaming, Art
Jesus amador and IllustrationsF9 name is Jesus amador and I’m a narrative illustrator focusing on fantasy comic art. I was finally able to release the first four comic books in the series which have luckily performed very well at the conventions I have begun to attend! Some of my merchandise includes my comic books, prints and posters, stickers, buttons, keychains, earrings, mousepads, journals, plushies, pillows, apparel and in person commissions.Fantasy, Art, Literature, Comics
JSA Authentication399, 498http://www.spenceloa.comCelebrity Signature Authentication. Show special of $10 per signature for anything that was signed at the show.Sci Fi, Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Art, Music, Film
kadebooF10 and video game themed/inspired artwork in the form of stickers, acrylic keychains, buttons, magnets, and prints. I also make handmade amigurumi (crochet) keychains of cute animals.Anime, Video Gaming, Art
Kali Malia MichaelsE4 & Traditional art primarily in marker available in print work and originalsSci Fi, Fantasy, Art, Cosplay, Other
KamoriaArtE8 will be selling prints, originals, and small trinkets depicting my art of fantasy and horror themes.Fantasy, Art, Board Gaming
Kan Kan CinemaOutside Film Festivalhttps://kankanindy.comThe Kan Kan is a locally owned arthouse cinema and restaurant located in Windsor Park, a neighborhood just northeast of downtown Indianapolis.Film
Kanbina Clothing744.0http://www.kanbinaclothing.comEmbroidered Anime Clothing & MerchandiseAnime
Kapow191, 290#N/A#N/A#N/A
Kawaii Satori206.0 and prints of anime art style characters!!Anime
Kevin FagaraganB18 Art Prints and Stickers.Art
Kimberly PaquetteC9 prints of all sortsAnime, Comics
Kitchen's & Bath By Sho-Pro of Indiana348.0 & Kitchen remodeling.other
KJ TODAY & the Kinda Nerdy Girls197.0https://kjontheair.comKJ TODAY & the Kinda Nerdy Girls are bringing their positive vibes to PopCon! Stop by to get your FREE decals from ConQuest Journals, sign up for cool prizes and introduce yourself! Our Kinda Nerdy Network is a fun group of KIND and cool nerds.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Art, Film, Podcast, Literature, Music, Video Gaming
KK’s Magical Menagerie220's Magical Menagerie carries an eclectic assortment of fine wizarding wares. From over 100 styles of wands to choose from — our best selling item — and the ability to create custom orders, our items are sure to please witches and wizards of all ages! Step right up to the Magical Menagerie and browse the carefully crafted ceramic mugs, spell trinket dishes, and cauldrons. Show off your Hogwarts pride with our assortment of scarves, hats, bags, banners, robes, and more available in all 4 houses.Cosplay, Art, Literature, Film
kristykatkoC6, pins, keychains, crocheted items (like cat plushies, bags, hats)Anime, Art, Cosplay
Krit Dice296.0https://kritdice.comHandmade artisan dice, 3d printed dice towers, 3d printed dice boxes, TTRPG accessoriesBoard Gaming, Art
Kyara's Dragons and KreaturesA18 and mythic creatures: tshirts, blankets, artwork, jewelry, popsockets, magnets, bags, notebooks, stickers, and books (may or may not have books yet)Fantasy, Sci Fi
Lamb IllustrationsE14 sell prints, posters, stickers, charms, and small clay things containing both fan art and original!Fantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Art
LavenkiE18'll be selling my own art on prints, keychains, buttons and stickersAnime
LeafFilter Gutter Protection661.0 Gutter Protection display booth only. No sales will be made at this event.Other
Level Up Sabers547.0 Up Sabers is the only lightsaber vendor to guarantee their sabers are better than a stick (when you go viral it's best to just own it). Lightsaber designs that are suited for cosplay, dueling, and display. Some from established properties and others that are waiting for you to tell their storySci Fi, Comics, Fantasy, Cosplay, Anime, Video Gaming
Lightech LTD632.0https://www.lightechltd.comLightsabers, toys and artSci Fi, Comics
Limitless Broadcasting Network282http://www.LimitlessBroadcastingNetwork.comHorror t-shirts and horror tumblers!Film, Podcast, Other
Lizardbreath ArtsC12 make all types of nerdy, geeky resin artwork ranging from polyhedral dice sets, 35mm D20s, dice trays, jewelry, keychains, wall hangs, and so much more! I also offer 3d printed, hand painted dice accessories such as towers, jails, and boxes!Art, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Anime, Board Gaming, Video Gaming
Loading Crew Crafts224, 226 Dakimakura, pillow plush, keychains, lanyards, wall scrolls, hoodies, comics, RPG books, desk play mats, prints, and handmade plushAnime, Art, Board Gaming
Losersweepers.C7 will be selling fan art in the form of prints, keychains, pins, and much more! Mostly consists of anime such as Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer, but I also have Pop Culture sprinkled here and there.Anime, Fantasy, Art
Luck be a Landlord301.0 will be selling and promoting my game, Luck be a Landlord. I will also be selling merchandise associated with my game.
Video Gaming, REBOOT Games Awards Contestant (Indy Only)
LukelliosE11, prints, stickers, standees, card covers, tapestriesFantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Art
Made In America Knives758.0#N/A#N/A#N/A
MeatSoHorny606.0https://www.meatsohorny.comJacoby will be signing autographs and selling BBQ Rubs / Hot Sauces
Media Arts & Science, Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering479, 578 will be promoting our game production class. We will also showcase our capstone students.Video Gaming, Art, Board Gaming
Megan Withey583.0, Anime, Disney and Pop-culture watercolor paintings and canvasesFantasy, Anime, Art, Other
Melissa CapriglioneA7 and fanart prints, enamel pins, tshirts, stationery, and stickers.Comics, Art, Anime
Memehub456.0 and gaming themed keychains, prints, pillows, stickers, custom sunglasses, and dakimakura.Anime, Video Gaming, Art
Merlin's Munchies Coffee Company625.0http://www.merlinsmunchiescoffee.comWe are a small-batch coffee company, which means all of our orders are freshly roasted. But we’re so much more! We’ve spent the last year working with an amazing artist to showcase our Immortal, time-traveling, coffee-roasting wizard of the Multiverse, Merlin. We have over 45 labels. Each tells a fun and distinct story.

We even offer an audiobook that we extend to our convention audience. It’s about an hour-long listen and tells Merlin’s backstory prior to his coffee-roasting adventures.
Sci Fi, Fantasy, Art, Other
Mike's Emporium694.0 sell premium pinups, as well as captivating scenes from your favorite video games to be sold as prints.Fantasy, Art
MilkStreetStudioA17 makes cute art out of the Twin Cities. Her work includes stickers, art prints, buttons, keychains, and more! If you are a lover of anime, video games, or just little guys make sure to check out her work.Anime, Art
Mistymountaingaming.com378, 380, 382, Tabletop gaming , leatherBoard Gaming
Mochi ShinobiB5https://mochishinobi.comMochi Shinobi sells anime inspired enamel pins, keychains, stickers & jibbitz!Anime
Murcles ArtC10https://www.murclesart.comArt prints, tumblers, totes, canvasAnime
Muri Imports590.0 specialize in offering high-quality anime products that cater to the discerning collector. Our curated selection includes sought-after items that are typically harder to find, ensuring that fans can acquire unique and premium merchandise. From limited edition figures to exclusive merchandise, we provide a range of choices for anime enthusiasts looking to enhance their collection with rare and distinctive items.Anime
My Cartoon AddictionF4 sell hand drawn digital art and hand designed products. My wares include prints, stickers, magnets, acrylic earrings, and My Cartoon Addiction branded sticker books.Anime, Art, Video Gaming
Mystic Dreams by Sarah248.0 sell crystals, jewelry, one of a kind tumblers, tapestries and more. Crystal carvings based on movies, TV, anime. I also offer mediumship readings in my booth when allowed.Other, Anime, Sci Fi, Comics, Art
Mythic CryptidA14 prints and stickers of fanart inspired by various video games and media, as well as original work.Art
Mythical Fair109.0http://www.mythicalfair.comFantasy statues; chaos emeralds; comic book, anime and steampunk jewelryComics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Cosplay, Film
Nat20 Sabers730, 732 sabers with full metal hilts and polycarbonate blades, D&D and RPG goods, and cosplay itemsSci Fi, Fantasy, Cosplay, Film
Neon Culture113, 115https://www.shopneonculture.comWe design cosplay neon glow masks and customized LED merchandise.Anime, Comics, Other
Nerdy Fox Rentals and DesignsD5https://nerdyfoxrentals.comAffordable Geek Chic WeddingsComics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Board Gaming, Video Gaming
New age thrift indy663, 762 carry a wide variety of items online and will be bringing a large selection of items. We will have tons of lego brand sets and minifigs, Marvel and dc action figures, marvel and dc comic books, 3d printed statues/artwork/gaming accessories/gadgets.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Board Gaming, Cosplay, Art, Music, Literature, Film
Nightmares By Design312.0, Art, MusicFantasy, Art, Music
Normies360, 362#N/A#N/A#N/A
OctoBomb StudioD10 art work is done traditionally with acrylics, color pencil and ink. I also do digital work. I have art work that ranges from personal work to fanart. I do fanart for videogames, anime and cartoons.Art, Fantasy, Anime
OLD SKOOL GAMES LLC.199, 298 games, consoles, gaming mats, wall scrolls, Poke'plush, statues, collectibles, Tasty Peach, Loungefly, anime merch, keychains, holographic prints, back packs, Pokémon cards, pins, and much more!!Video Gaming, Anime
Open, Dead Inside780, 782, toys, plush, pins, bags, tiaras, cups, patchesSci Fi, Anime, Fantasy
Ototobo212.0http://www.ototobo.comI sell body pillows, keychains, posters, stationary and more if your favorite spicy anime characters!Anime
Ottermelon344.0 fanart in the style of 00s shoujo anime. Posters, charms, stickers and buttons. I also sell essential oil rollers and goats milk soaps.Anime
Owl Talyn PressB17, bookmarks, art prints, shirts, buttons, magnets, tote bagsFantasy, Art, Literature
P.D. SteamworksD13 printed Dice Boxes and hand-cast resin dice primarilyBoard Gaming, Fantasy, Sci Fi
Pacific Midwest Creations646.0 Pop Culture bags, totes, pouches, wallets, various novelty 3D printed items and Funko lampsComics, Fantasy, Anime, Sci Fi
Pet Friendly Services of Indiana201, 300
Peter Prankster358.0#N/A#N/A#N/A
Phoenix Animation303.0https://www.phoenixanimation.netI make and sell metal prints that are anime, video game, and comic book themed.Anime, Comics, Video Gaming
Pins By ArisamonB11 pins, art prints/postcards, high quality waterproof vinyl stickers, handmade keychain lanyards, laser cut earrings, bookmarks, and mousepads.Anime, Art
Pixel Empire527, 626 Empire offers original anime, pop culture, and video game related posters printed with special effects such as glow in the dark, glitter ink, and 3D lenticular.

We also offer fictional postcards, handmade props, colorful and well-lit displays, and dress in award winning cosplay.

This application video featuring our 20x20 Booth at New York Comic Con best showcases what Pixel Empire can offer your event.
Anime, Video Gaming, Art
Plushie Mart LLC215.0 Mart sells a wide array of plushies.Anime, Video Gaming
Plushie Mart LLC615.0 Mart sells a wide array of plushies.Anime, Video Gaming
Pokeballs by Crayle513.0 themed dioramas that I make myself, such as Pokeball dioramas, resin items, etc.Anime, Video Gaming, Art
PokéPoké Designs149.0 realistic Pokémon terrarium pokeballsArt, Anime, Video Gaming
Pop Mania & More796, 798http://ebay.comFunko Pops, Banpresto Anime Statues, Collectibles, Wrestlers, plushes and other anime items, gundam figuresAnime
PopCon International Film FestF18 PopCon International Film FestFilm
PopHeart Studios236.0 anime toys, figures, trading figures, keychains, plush, character goods, clap fans, japanese how to draw/artbooks, LED name badges, etc miscAnime
Prapno Figures and More581.0 statues (desktop size), minifigures, pins, and lenticular posters and stickersComics, Sci Fi, Anime, Video Gaming
Pudding OverlordC15, charms, earrings, handmade charms, pins, stickers, magnets, cards, postcards, post-its, comicFantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Art, Literature, Film
Q&L Creations507, 509https://qandlcreations.square.site3D printed items from a range of pop culture genres.Video Gaming, Sci Fi
Random Thats Me288.0 would be selling things that I have crafted. I will also have a collection of many things from Japan, novelty, and plushies. Please stop by and see whatever random things I have that may become of interest ^_^Anime, Art
RavenCourseD17 prints and stickersArt
Redemption Vault736, 738 figures & trading cardsOther
Reeds Wayward Collectibles221, 320 sell Funko pops Graded or signed, Action Figures like Marvel legends, The walking dead, or Star Wars Black series. We also have a WhatNot account so we can promote the convention areas we sell at.Anime, Sci Fi
Retro Replay286.0 and video gaming collectibles including figures, statues, pops, plushes, posters, keychains and moreAnime, Video Gaming
Rhia's Bdazzle Arts and EverythingE7, candles, hats, clothes, shoes, bags, hair ties, and etc.Sci Fi, Fantasy, Art
Rodrite StudiosA13https://rodritestudios.start.pageI sell primarily keychains, stickers, prints, and commissions! They are of anime, fantasy creatures, and animals! Nothing I sell is 18+ 🙂Anime, Video Gaming, Fantasy, Other, Art
Rosie Rain ArtE9, keychains/charms, buttons and stickers. All featuring art by Rosie Rain Art. Our focus is anime, kawaii pets, and yaoi/pride stuff.Anime, Video Gaming, Art
Rude Trendz357, horror novelty accessories, crystals, pipesSci Fi
SaBasse StudiosF1, Keychains, Earrings, Acrylic Standees, Stickers (when venue allowed!), Pillows, and Tote Bags. I'm always experimenting with new kinds of merch for my artwork though! Inspired by 90s Fantasy Anime, JRPGs and Classic Video Games, one is likely to find a lot of old-school fandoms mixed in with the new here!Anime, Video Gaming, Art
Samantha BreinerC13, stickers, commissions, enamel pins, costume pieces, merch, keychains, posters, prints, wearable masks/suits, etc.Art, Cosplay, Other
SAMURAI WEST179, 181, 183 anime and pop cultural cosplay related products

Cosplay Clothing and other fashion accessories
Pillow Caes

Room Curtain
Anime, Cosplay
SapphelliB2, keychains, pins and handmade jewelry, both original and fan art.Art
Sara A. Noë, Author & Artist688https://onthecobblestoneroad.comAward-winning sci-fi/fantasy book series, art prints, keychains, buttons, stickers, cosplay headbands, mouse pads, notecards, postcards, candles (one fragrance, inspired by the books), labradorite, puzzlesSci Fi, Fantasy, Art
Savini Comics595, 597, DC and Independent Comics, Action figures including WWE, Marvel, Star Wars and other pop culture movies and accessories, TCG card games, including Magic the Gathering, Lorcana and Pokemon, Legos and Dungeons and DragonsComics, Podcast, Other
Scaly Tailz101, 103, 200, 202http://www.scalytailz.comScaly Tailz is a reptile and amphibian education and rescue nonprofit organization.other
Scentsy247, 249https://victoriaturner.scentsy.usElectric warmers, Premium Diffusers, wax bars, essential oils, stuffed toys, products to help home, car and surroundings smell good.Comics, Art, Other
Sen-chan's Art630.0 sell prints, stickers, buttons, charms, apparel, stationery items, and custom traditional commissions/artwork.Anime, Comics
Senpai’s Treasure Trove208.0 themed apparel, funko pops, figures, key chains, etc.

All 100% officially licensed
Sewn by Jenn280.0 food inspired plush itemsArt
Shinsekai Project525#N/A#N/A#N/A
Sigma ComicsD2https://sigmacomics.comComic books and manga dedicated to fighting animal cruelty.Comics
Silentfire CreationsC18https://silentfirecreations.comHandmade beaded jewelry with fantasy, comic and anime themesComics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Cosplay, Art, Board Gaming
Silver Mountain Gaming287, 289 TCG cards and accessoriesOther
Sirkles StudioA2 Sirkles Studio, I turn words into artwork using an intricate and complex circular script. At my shop, the designs decorating the canvases, keychains, stickers and other items all have literal translations. I’m more than happy to do custom transcriptions on the spot as well as answer any questions about my artwork, the script I use, and even its history as an easter egg on Doctor Who!Sci Fi, Art
Sliced Kiwi Studios219, 318 Kiwi Studios is proud to present Check x Mate, a fantasy video game that takes place in a magical world of chess. The pieces are people, and using a special artifact, you are able to see the battles as chess puzzles. There is a beginner difficulty for those who are fairly new to chess, and an expert difficulty for experienced players who want a challenge. Come try the demo at the booth and meet the developers!Fantasy, Video Gaming
SMASHCRAFT624https://smashcraft.comI'm selling collectible figurines that I designed myself. They're based on old stories and mythology. I'm also selling wands and chalices I designed.Comics, Fantasy, Art
SpacetOadF5https://spacetoad.bigcartel.comWe sell both original and fanart in the form of print, keychains, phone accessories, and stickers.Fantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Art, Music
Spiderweb StitchingC14 of a kind sewn items. From srunchies, head bands, lanyards, all nerd themed to one of a kind plushies.Anime, Fantasy, Art
Star's Haven Collectibles & Grepps Treasure Hoard594.0 and MtG TCG, as well as other merch associated with those! Vintage and modern toys, Art, Video games both vintage and modern, as well as a variety of other odds and ends every nerd loves to see! We look forward to being a part of this show!Other, Anime, Video Gaming
Starbase Indy388.0http://www.starbaseindy.orgStarbase Indy is central Indiana’s fan run Star Trek Convention. We gather each year on the weekend after Thanksgiving with our chosen family to celebrate our love of Star Trek. We bring in actors, astronauts, musical acts, scientists, Podcasters and exciting panels. Additionally we have community puzzles, gaming, a masquerade, fun and educational activities for the young and the young at heart.Sci Fi
Steers Arts Crafts and Ammenitites756.0 Prints and Art Print Orders, Comic Books, Miscellaeneous items, toys, Pop Toys, Jewelry, Stickers, Buttons, Button Orders, Pokemon Trading cards,Comics, Sci Fi, Anime, Art, Literature
Studio de Sade: Fine Art of Nigel Sade686http://www.studiodesade.comWe sell archival quality prints of art deco, pop culture starships as well as original gallery art; playmats; enamel pins, fabric banners; metal printsSci Fi, Video Gaming, Comics
Submerge Universe699.0 Submerge Universe is a Sci-Fi Film, Comic, Novel, and Animation franchise. It is written and directed by Demetrius Witherspoon. We will have Submerge Universe 5 Films on Blu-ray, DVD, Submerge Universe Comics, T-shirts, Submerge Card Game, Trading Cards, coffee mugs, coloring books, handmade hats, Action Figures, and Merch.Sci Fi, Fantasy, Board Gaming, Comics, Film, Podcast
Sun Sign Candle CoB15 and wax melts themed for gaming, fantasy, horror, and the esoteric.Sci Fi, Fantasy, Comics, Board Gaming, Video Gaming, Other
Super Retro Land643, 742
Swallowed Sun BooksD1 fantasy, both traditional and urban, along with tie-in merchandise to catch the eyeFantasy, Literature
Sweet Blossoms Design724, 726https://www.sweetblossomsdesign.comWe sell funko and minifiguresOther
Sweet Geek StudioC4, C5https://www.sweetgeekstudio.comAnime & SciFi art prints, buttons, popsockets, plushies, tumblers, keychains, license plates, and jewelry all made with our own artwork.Sci Fi, Anime, Art, Other
SweetPrincessKawaii403.0 a crafter and an artist. I sell mostly anime fanart things such as stickers’keychains, art prints, and handmade drinkwares, home decor, apparel and jewelry.Anime
T-Mobile187, 189 phones, accessories, home internet. Feel free to reach out to me if theres any questionsOther
Terry Huddleston ART137, 139, 238https://www.terryhuddlestonart.comPosters Of my artArt
That's Sew Nerdy250.0 ,badge reels , magnets, hair items, backpacks ,purses. Horror maskSci Fi, Fantasy, Video Gaming, Music, Film
the adequate witch687.0, keychains, wristlets, glass cups, tumblers, magnets, bags, window clings, wax meltsFantasy, Anime, Board Gaming, Video Gaming, Art, Literature, Music, Film
The Art of Jeremy Provost LLC794https://www.jeremyprovost.comOriginal art, fan art, metal prints and bookmarks. Self created children's books.Comics, Anime, Art, Other, Fantasy
The Brick Pick712, 714 display cards and figures--Same as what we had at Planet ComiconComics, Anime, Video Gaming, Film
The Eclectic Intuitive680.0 and novelty items of various kinds including tarot cards, crystals, incense, signs, socks, books, decor, jewelry and more. There will also be handmade bags and other fabric items themed in various pop culture prints. I will also be promoting my metaphysical/spiritual services.Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Art, Film, Other
The Endless Elsewhere638.0! I am a local author, podcaster, filmmaker, and comic book creator. I will have copies of my novels and comic books available for sale, as well as Blu-Rays of my first feature film CIRCLE CITY SUPERNATURAL, which was shot almost entirely here in Indiana and which I submitted to the PopCon film festival. I have been a vendor once before and am excited to be one again!Sci Fi, Comics, Literature, Fantasy, Film, Podcast
THE ESTABLiSHED FACTS537.0 We are a podcast about any and all things gaming. We also have a podcast about pro wrestling called THE STABLE. Our newest addition to PopCon is the return of the Neverending Dungeon.Board Gaming, Video Gaming, Podcast
The FizzeePop ShopB1, Stickers, Buttons and since I'm a new seller I'm working on enamel pins and acrylic charms for next year as well 😀Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Art, Film
The Funnybook683.0 comics, rare comics and grails. Collectible toys.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Art, Film, Literature
The Geek Boutique598.0http://www.thegeekboutique.coGlow in the dark drink, tumblers, geeky, jewelry, rhinestone tumblers, handmade bags and carry alls, games, Bath and body products, stained glass window hangs, a carefully curated boutique, all centered around geeky and nerdy fandoms.Anime, Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Video Gaming
The Geek Galleria299, 398https://thegeekgalleria.com3d printed items, licensed plushies, our own brand plush, our own artwork, our own earrings, anime figuresAnime, Fantasy, Board Gaming
The Geek Space207.0https://www.uniquelygeekdesigns.comThe Geek Space is a partnership of Uniquely Geek Designs & StarSeeker Design. StarSeeker Design offers unique and abstract artwork depicting characters throughout all of pop culture. UGD provides fellow geeks with unique accessories to show off their fandoms.Art, Other
The Great Yarn Dragon with J.R. FroemlingA3, book covers, e-reader covers, art prints, crocheted accessories, dollsFantasy, Sci Fi, Art, Literature
The Griffon's Nest Artisan Dice314.0http://www.thegriffonsnest.comI craft and sell polyhedral dice for tabletop games, like D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, and more. I also make and sell dice bags, stickers, dice rolling potions, keychains, and more TTRPG-related goodies.Fantasy, Board Gaming, Art, Sci Fi, Anime
The Jay Company651, 750 sell anime/gaming figures, plush and Japanese video gamesAnime, Video Gaming
The Maddier The Hattier Boutique587.0 jewelry, Glasses Charms, Chainmalle accessories, resin accessories, resin diceArt
The Ramp Hatchery489.0 wooden puzzles of many genres. Including dinosaurs, dragons, animals, and more. Old style toys and wooden board games. Wooden puzzle boxes with hidden compartments and tricky openings.Other, Art
The Relics of ErrusB10 our world, science & mythology are mortal enemies, but in Errus they are the same thing. Three sisters stumble through a portal in an old Victorian house into Errus, a world where natural disasters give birth to mythological creatures—some harmless, some horrific. Caught up in wars & apocalyptic prophecies, they must find their way back home to…North Carolina.
Three volumes out. In each the mystery deepens as they start to realize this also involves their own family history in THIS world.
Fantasy, Literature
The Saffron Books487.0! Whiz! Look who it is! Our team is dedicated to bringing captivating art and literature to enthusiasts by participating in a multitude of events including comic, literary, and street conventions across the country. At Saffron Books, we take immense pride in curating and offering premium hardbound art books that seamlessly blend stunning visuals with enthralling narratives of intergalactic mythological tales and celestial imagery. We have over 40 distinct titles in our collection!Literature, Art, Sci Fi, Fantasy
Theresa Schlossberg Fine ArtB6https://www.theresaschlossberg.comOriginal oil paintings and art prints inspired by various fandoms in impressionistic and semi abstract themes. In addition to ink and watercolor parody character illustrations.Sci Fi, Fantasy, Art
Tiny Giraffes295.0 hats and handmade iron-on patches. Hats are made as you wait.Anime, Art, Other
TitalWave Productions549, 551 specialize in comic book and graphic novel publication.Literature, Comics
Tony Santiago Art119, 121 sell prints and posters featuring my artworkArt, Film
ToyChuck614.0http://www.toychuck.comI sell comics, action figures, Funko Pops, and collectible cards.Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Anime
Toynk231, 233, 330, 332, plush, mystery boxesComics, Anime, Video Gaming
Twilight Creations, Inc.361, 363http://www.twilightcreationsinc.comHorror-themed board games, game accessories and other horror-related items.Sci Fi, Board Gaming, Fantasy
Twisted Wire ArtC2, C3https://www.twistedwire.usWire art, Sculptures of marvel, DC, Starwarss, Anime and video game charachters. Shirts with my art, hats, Wire trees, wire wrapped jewelry. Comic books with my art displayedArt, Sci Fi, Comics, Anime, Fantasy
Ultra Anime Instinctz209.0 sell custom anime/ marvel/ DC jerseys
We also create custom prints
Anime, Comics, Art
Uni & UmiC17 there! I am an illustrator and artist who handcrafts kawaii stationery and jewelry. My art focuses on Otaku culture, Pop culture, and the idea of friendship and cuteness.Anime, Art
Unshaven ComicsD8, D9http://www.unshavencomics.comAll ages comics. We've been publishing for over 15 years and have a selection of comics, graphic novels, prints and original art workComics
Velasquazo artA12, stained glass art, paintings, prints, charms, pinsFantasy, Anime, Video Gaming, Art
Vibe Creations642, 644 led lights, wood pokemon cards, wood comic covers, led keychains, engraved jewelry boxes, 3d printed swords and other small toysAnime, Comics, Fantasy, Video Gaming
Vikki Claire DesignsE2 colored large posters, smaller prints, keychains, stickers and pins. My work is entertainment and pop related, very bold and colorful.Sci Fi, Film, Fantasy, Comics
Volt Con588.0#N/A#N/A#N/A
We Pop Culture786.0http://www.thedankpopup.comPop Culture themed apparel, toys, and housewaresSci Fi, Film, Other
Wicked Trendy Forge580 Trendy Forge is a cutting-edge 3D printing service company that specializes in crafting high-quality and customized items for the cosplay, tabletop gaming, and home decor communities. With a passion for creativity and innovation, Wicked Trendy Forge has established itself as a go-to destination for enthusiasts looking for unique and meticulously crafting itemsOther
Windy City Workshop 395, 397 tees, decals, dice boxes, freeze dried candyComics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Board Gaming, Film
Wizard Wood Alley308.0http://wizardwoodalley.comWizard, Film, Anime, Comic theme Decor. 3d printed decor, Acrylic and Wood Christmas Ornaments, Signs, Jewelry, Gifts and more.Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Art, Film
Wondrous GoodsE12 Goods sells mostly screenprints and woodcut prints. I also made handbound books and ceramics. Content ranges from fantasy to playing cards to robots. I am a LGBTQIA+ business and I will most likely be selling and promoting merchandise celebrating various identities.Sci Fi, Board Gaming, Art, Fantasy
Wulfgar Props619, 621, 718, 720https://www.wulfgarprops.comCosplay props and costume accessoriesSci Fi, Cosplay, Art, Fantasy
XS & Nutrilite Healthy Drinks689.0 am a vendor for XS Energy Drinks. This is a Zero Sugar Zero Carb Vitamin B12 Drink. It's a healthy replacement to sugary sodas and high caffeine drinks. We also have Liquid Vitamins that can be infused with water for multiple health benefits. Pop Con attendees heavily drink very unhealthy energy drinks & we are here to support them with a healthier alternative.
Yarn Love346.0 geeky crocheted amnigurmi and fantasy books.Fantasy, Sci Fi, Art
YoruNoMachi633.0 sell v-tuber and anime merchandise made from the independent artists that work with us.Anime
Zen Emporium607, 706 import figureAnime, Comics
zombiebassA16 and original content of pastel/vaporwave 90’s anime including: 2D holographic prints, beaded keychains, earrings, sticker sheets, pencil bags, beaded phone charms, button pins, shaker keychains, acrylic charms, and commissionsAnime, Art
Overdose Lifeline / American Foundation for Suicide Prevention603 substance use disorder resources, providing naloxone and training, and providing suicide prevention resourcesOther
Street Sign Defense Solutions495 most Game-Accurate Lethal Company props available, as well as keychains stickers, and other merch.Sci Fi, Video Gaming, Cosplay
Inspired Asylum Art396, Sci Fi, Anime, Art
Quinn's Comic Stash639, toys, & trading cardsComics, Fantasy, Anime
To The EndsA11https://shoptotheends.comHandmade resin shaker charms, badge reels, keychains, stationery, bags, jewelry, and more.Anime
Chiro One Wellness Centers502https://www.chiroone.comChiro One Wellness Centers offers a unique care model that consists of a combination of chiropractic adjustments and active therapies that help provide relief from pain and discomfort, increase your physical functionality, and improve overall wellness.Other
Hampton & Company612Other
Daniel Sammons Ez Cash & Pawn608.0 return vendor same as always toys and comicsComics, Fantasy, Video Gaming
GetexcitedesignsE8 sell all things anime, video games, and BL! From tote bags to enamel pins, I have a wide variety of products too!Anime, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Art
Supertype618.0 handbag and accessoriesAnime
Super Dee648 ArtistComics
Thunderbolt vintage & Video306 Vhs, Laserdisc, Toys, comicsComics, Sci Fi, Music
Enchantments & Co609https://www.enchantmentsco.comLoungefly Backpacks, Character related jewelryOther
Moon's Witchery754https://moonswitchery.etsy.comI will be selling crystal bracelets, and necklaces. and spell jars. I will also be offering tarot readingsArt
Play it retro700 games , funkos , Pokemon , stickers and postersVideo Gaming
Torn Ace Studios107Independant Video Game Developers showing off their latest!Other
Wow! All Things690, retro gaming, autographs, etc.Comics, Anime, Video Gaming, Fantasy
KLASSIC KOLLECTABLES601"The place where you can find 20th century oddities and treasures. Specializing in horror/sci-fi media, props and merchandise. Halloween is a way of life not just another holiday. " Also check out my charity page geared towards working on events for every kid to enjoy Halloween (EVILLE HOOSIERS) 🤘🎃👑Sci Fi, Cosplay, Film, Other