Cosplay Policy

Cosplay Policy

At PopCon, we celebrate creativity and self-expression through cosplay. Cosplay allows attendees to showcase their love for fictional characters and universes. To ensure a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable environment for all participants, we have established the following cosplay attire policy. By participating in PopCon, you agree to adhere to these guidelines.

Appropriate Attire

  1. All cosplay costumes must be appropriate for a family-friendly environment. Costumes should not contain explicit or overly revealing content, including nudity, sexualized or offensive imagery, or excessive violence.
  2. Cosplay cannot be obscene or offensive, including insensitive or unnecessary use of makeup, signs, nor endorse any form of hate or any hate group. Representations of any character historical or fictional that represent hate groups is prohibited. Convention staff reserve the right to ask attendees to change or cover up offensive clothing.
  3. Cosplayers should be mindful of other attendees’ comfort and cultural sensitivities when selecting their cosplay. Cosplay should not be disrespectful or offensive towards any race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.
  4. Avoid using makeup, face paint, or props that imitate real-world cultural or ethnic features in a manner that may perpetuate stereotypes or cultural appropriation.
  5. Costumes that are not easily indistinguishable from law enforcement or military are not allowed.
  6. Cosplay costumes should not impede mobility or pose a safety risk to the wearer or others. Avoid obstructive or oversized props, excessively long trains, or any components that may cause tripping hazards.
  7. Footwear should be safe and suitable for walking, considering the convention venue’s floor type and potential crowd density. Shoes with sharp or protruding elements that may harm others or damage property are not allowed. Wheeled footwear, (i.e. rollerblades, heelys) cannot be worn or used in the convention area.
  8. If your costume calls for bare feet, you may wear flip flops or ballet slippers, but the soles of  your feet must not come in contact with the floor.
  9. Your costume must cover at minimum as much as a modest bathing suit. Costumes with below minimum coverage must have a body suit underneath. Morph suits or other skin tight, unitard-type outfits require undergarments and should not be worn with nothing underneath. Dance belts are highly encouraged, as an example.
  10. Small personal smoking paraphernalia (cigarettes, lighter, etc.) may be carried but not used inside the venue. Items or chemicals that generate smoke or steam are prohibited inside the venue. This includes but is not limited to smoke machines, smoke bombs, dry ice, and fog machines.


Weapons and Props

Please refer to the PopCon Cosplay Weapon Policy

Cosplay Code of Conduct

  1. All attendees, including cosplayers, are expected to adhere to the convention’s code of conduct. Harassment, bullying, or any form of disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Cosplayers should respect personal boundaries and seek consent before initiating physical contact or posing for photographs with other attendees.
  3. If an attendee feels uncomfortable or observes any behavior that violates the code of conduct, they should immediately report it to the convention staff.
  4. Cosplayers are encouraged to wear visible identification badges provided by the convention organizers to enhance safety and facilitate communication with staff and other attendees.
  5. The convention staff reserves the right to inspect and ask questions about a cosplay costume for security purposes or if there are concerns about policy compliance.

Changes to the PopCon Cosplay Policy

  • The PopCon Cosplay Policy may be subject to change or revision at any time by the convention organizers. Any updates or modifications will be communicated to attendees through the convention’s official channels.

By following this cosplay policy, we can ensure a respectful, enjoyable, and inclusive environment for all attendees. Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing your incredible cosplays at PopCon!