PopCon is more than happy to provide opportunities for media outlets to cover our events. To qualify as a media outlet, you must belong to or own an organization that specializes in producing, broadcasting, writing, recording, or otherwise creating content meant to be shared with a large, public audience. Our terms are vague to encompass all forms of media, but our requests and rules for coverage are specific. Please read and understand all terms outlined below prior to applying.

Application Process

  1. Well-established, professionally-certified, and accredited outlets in print, radio, television, and online publishing mediums may qualify for two free press badges.
  2. Personal blogs, branded YouTube channels, newly-established websites, self-published podcasts and genre-specific organizations and outlets may qualify for a discounted fee-based press badge(s).
  3. If accepted based on criteria #1 above, YOU MUST provide a business card which includes your name, the name of your media outlet and a photo ID that matches the name on the business card and this application. Official Media credentials may also function as your business card If you are accepted based on criteria #2, you may be requested to provide a photo ID.
  4. Exceptions and additional press passes will be provided on a limited, as-requested basis.
  5. All interviews, photographs, and video footage with celebrity/media guests must be pre-arranged and pre-approved by the PopCon Communications Director. Interviews may not be conducted without pre-written approval from Pop Con LLC.
  6. Media credentials will be granted only to those outlets interested in providing significant media coverage for PopCon and PopCon-related events and news items.
  7. Editors, reporters, producers, camera crews and still photographers may qualify for press credentials. Only currently working members of the media will be granted press credentials.
  8. Prior media credential approval does not guarantee media credential renewal. If Pop Con LLC finds that, for any reason, coverage obligations have not been met in the past, it may choose to not renew media credentials.
  9. Live broadcasts for TV, YouTube,, radio, and podcasting must be arranged and pre-approved by the PopCon Communications Director.
  10. On-site signage is permitted only for exhibiting and sponsoring media.
  11. Please be prepared to provide a business card or media credentials along with a Photo ID.
  12. We request that all media produced in regards to PopCon be provided to us. This serves two purposes: One, so we will know it exists, and two, we can promote your content (hey, that’s what we do right?).

Media Coverage Regulations

  1. Media equipment is allowed in the showroom only during designated show hours and media hours unless pre-approved arrangements are made with the PopCon Communications Director.
  2. No media organization may take photographs or record images of, or otherwise use, an exhibitor’s booth or media/celebrity guest without the knowledge and consent of the exhibitor.
  3. Media outlet staff, including camera crews, may not block the flow of traffic for any extended period of time for any reason.
  4. All photographs or footage taken at PopCon may be used for editorial purposes only. All other uses, including commercial, must be pre-approved.
  5. No video footage of PopCon live entertainment events including concerts, panels, workshops, or interactive exhibits, may be taken without pre-approval.

PopCon reserves the right to deny press credentials at any time for any reason, including failure to show significant efforts to cover and promote PopCon events and news items. All reports and PopCon coverage cannot contain proprietary information without pre-written approval from Pop Con LLC. Pop Con LLC reserves the right to change qualifications of media representation without notice at any time. Your contact information may be shared with our industry exhibitors and guests.

Application Process for the 2024 shows is open below. Please email: with any inquiries. Thank you!

Contact for All Media inquries and Interview Requests

Communications Director

Press Application

Press Application

Media Terms and Guidelines


  • Your Press Pass allows access to PopCon general admission events as long as space is permitting
  • Your Press Pass does not allow special access, or guaranteed seating
  • Your Press Pass does not allow you to receive free photo ops or autographs
  • Your Press Pass does not allow you to cut lines
  • Press Passes are non-transferable. You may not loan or sell your Press Pass, and any individuals; conducting such behavior will be disqualified from Press Passes at future events.
  • All those approved must provide links to articles, photos, podcasts, posts, or videos conducted at PopCon or about PopCon within 30 days after the event to
  • Interviews with celebrity guests must be arranged in advance. Please contact to discuss booking guest interviews. Interviews are not guaranteed to be available, but we will always do our best to accommodate.
  • Interviews with exhibitors, artists, and attendees may be arranged on-site at your discretion.
  • YOU MUST ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION before interviewing, taking photos, or recording audio/video of any individuals.
  • If accepted, your badge will be available on-site at badge registration. you must provide a business card which includes your name, the name of your media outlet and a photo ID that matches the name on the business card and this application. Official Media credentials may also function as your business card.
  • SPECIAL NOTE - PLEASE READ:  There are two groupings of acceptance for Press Credentials (determined by this application).  
  • Level One will be for TV/Newspaper/Radio or other traditional forms of media.  Level One will be offered a complimentary press badge.  LEVEL ONE CREDENTIALS WILL BE SENT EN MASSE ROUGHLY ONE MONTH BEFORE THE RESPECTIVE EVENT
  • Level Two will be for new media forms such as blogs, most websites, YouTube Channels, media Podcasts, etc.  Level Two will be offered a heavily discounted 3-day entry via a single purchase link created and sent to your email address provided in this application.  
  • If accepted, both levels will be given a press badge and be otherwise indistinguishable during the event.  If accepted, both levels will receive a system-generated QR code that can be redeemed at the event (along with press credentials and/or a business card matching our records).