Endless Dungeon

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Podcast Awards

Get to know new and interesting podcasts in the PopCon Podcast Awards

PopCon Trading Cards

Some of the PopCon artists have submitted their work and were selected to have special PopCon Trading Cards at their booth. Go through the show and check out all the artists to see if you can find the ones giving away the special cards. A limited number will be available each day and some staff […]

PopCon Stamp Rally

Pick up a Stamp Rally Card at the PopCon Shop to find artists, creators and vendors that are part of our Secret Stamp Rally. Pick up 12 stamps and return to the PopCon shop for completion prizes and a chance to win the grand prize that includes lots of gifts from the participating artists and […]

Drink and Draw

The fun doesn’t end after the PopCon show floor has closed the day! Come join us for the after hours DRINK AND DRAW event at 7:30 PM on Friday in Room 202 at the Expo Center. Hosted by professional comic artist Stuart Sayger (Joker, TMNT, Transformers) we’ll eat, drink, be merry, and DRAW! All skill […]

Gaming Hall

We will have our board gaming rooms with hundreds of games to play.

Drag Show

What better way to kick off pride weekend than with Cadillac Seville and the Ultimate Drag Show? Join us

Maid Cafe

Enjoy a cafe experience like no other. Enjoy unique drinks, live shows and of course the Maids.

Twisted Toonz

Be prepared to laugh when your favorite voice actors take to the stage and read a movie script in the voices of their various characters.

Ultimate Cosplay Championship

We welcome all cosplayers to submit their work for our annual awards ceremony. IT IS FREE TO SUBMIT. Please find submission criteria below: NOVICE/BEGINNERS must have made at least 50% of your cosplayJOURNEYMAN & PROFESSIONALS/MASTER must have made at least 70% of your cosplayJourneyman and Professionals/Masters Must be available for prejudging, Novice/Beginners it is encouraged.Single […]