About PopCon

Rob Weithoff and Roger Clark taking pictures with fans at PopCon

Not your typical Cons

We didn’t arrive to this plan on our own. Through community events, social media, and direct feedback, our fans have told us loud and clear what they want. We continue to listen, grow, and evolve our show and hope to become one of the premier events that celebrates the creators and the fans who love them.

Our Unifying Theme - The Creators

The pop culture landscape is changing. Once upon a time, artists and creators would have to be discovered to find successful careers in their industry. Today? The ability to create and self-publish gives artists more power than ever. We want to help them grow their craft and share their art with fans from all over the world.

Discover Your Next Obession

As fans, you can help us achieve our goal by attending our con with an open mind. If you come for comics, then enjoy the artists and writers and add to your collection. But take a moment to talk to a podcaster, and learn about their work. Engage with a gamer, or pick up a science fiction book. Your newest obsession is right around the corner at PopCon.

Where Every Fan Finds Their Place

PopCon was founded to celebrate all aspects of pop culture, rather than just hyper focusing on a specific genre. We have a wide variety of interests – just like our fans – so we created a con to celebrate them all in one awesome weekend.

Indiana Convention Center

The Premiere Pop Culture & Comic Convention

PopCon is Indy’s Premiere Comic Con locally owned and built with the fan experience a part of every decision. A convergence of innovation, pop culture, comics, cosplay, and more where we celebrate the spirit of the independent creator and their fans.

The Story of PopCon

PopCon was created by a group of friends who love geeky things. We have a few gamers, a couple comic book fans, a Doctor Who obsessor, a YouTube enthusiast, and even a couple of My Little Pony fanatics. While our passions are varied, we were brought together by our shared geeky-ness. Our convention ultimately mirrors what we believe is the truest definition of “geek.”