Ultimate Cosplay Championship

Saturday, July 10 at PopCon

Cosplay Submission

Submit your cosplay below by Midnight July 4, 2021. There is one Ultimate Cosplay Champion, with a second, and third place prize. Plus 1 award winner in each skill level and 5 judges awards. Free to enter.

Selection Process

You will need to be available for pre-judging the weekend of the show. Pre-judging takes 5 minutes for singles and 10 minutes for groups. Please bring progress photos so we can see the cosplay evolve. 

Championship Day

The competition will be held on Saturday, July 10th. You will show off your work to the audience of onlookers and get your photos taken on the runway before the awards are announced.

Cosplay Submission Criteria

We welcome all cosplayers to submit their work for our annual awards ceremony. IT IS FREE TO SUBMIT. Please find submission criteria below:

  • BEGINNERS must have made at least 50% of your cosplay
  • JOURNEYMAN & PROFESSIONALS must have made at least 70% of your cosplay
  • Must be available for Prejudging
  • Single cosplays will have 5 minutes for prejudging while groups will have 10 minutes
  • You will be asked for progress photos if you can provide them
  • Sign-ups will end July 5 at Midnight!
  • Be truthful about the amount of the cosplay that you have made
  • Be on time, if not early for prejudging. You will have a set time that can not be rescheduled the week of the show.

Cosplay Judging Criteria

Contestant Skill Level

  • Beginners
  • Journeyman
  • Professional


Each category is given points out of 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest
20 points total.

Category 1 Preparation & Knowledge of Process

Explanation of creative process, progress photos, reference images of character

Category 2: Construction and use of materials

Methods used to create costumes, creativity of construction, use of unusual materials

Category 3: Makeup, wig, and Transformation into character

precision in makeup, wig styling, accuracy to character

Category 4: Attention to detail

Embroidery, beading, prop weathering, extra details & accessories that help sell the costume

Cosplay Submission Criteria

Ultimate Cosplay Championship
  • First – $1,000
  • Second – $500
  • Third – $250
Skill Level Awards
  • Best Professional: 6+ Awards Won
  • Best Journeyman: 3-5 Awards Won
  • Best Beginner: 0-2 Awards Won
Additional Awards
  • Judges Choice(s)
  • Best Sewing
  • Best Armor
  • Best Details
  • Best Makeup award
  • Inspiration Award
  • Little Batman Award
2019 Ultimate Cosplay Master Champion

Submissions now Closed.

Email cosplay@popcon.us with any questions.