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One of the most common questions so you are not alone, how does it work to meet the celebrities?


Celebrities, they have their own table in “celebrity row” for which there is a queue line. Most have a combination (and often all) of the following available, and keep in mind that each comes with a fee to be collected: 

  • An autograph (they provide photo to sign if you do not have anything specific for them to sign)
  • A selfie with them at their table
  • A professional photo op with a professional photographer for which you get both a physical copy and a digital copy afterwards. The pro photo ops are not at their table, but at a specially designed area nearby, ask where or find it easily on the map.
  • Voice actors might additionally offer a recording in one of their character voices

The autographs and selfies are available any time they are at their table (schedules vary and can be found at each table) but they are at their table quite often.

The professional photo ops are SCHEDULED, so please sign up for them IN ADVANCE.

All fees are payable IN CASH, so either come prepared, or be able to use one of the many ATM machines nearby.

For Internet, Cosplay, Special Artists, and Special Guests, they often have their own BOOTH or TABLE in the mix of the vendor hall. They are at their booth/table often, and you can freely meet them. If they have more fans coming to see them, we may have to set up a queue line, or even a scheduled time just like the TV/Movie Celebs.

What they offer varies greatly, so best to just go meet them and find out!

We will be supplying everyone with a detailed schedule a little bit closer to the show, usually coming into existence one month before the show, and filling in nicely by two weeks before the show. You will find it easily linked from the top menu bar under ACITIVITES.

Hours can be found HERE

Hours can be found HERE, looking specifically for the word “Registration”, which is the first item of each day.

Whereas we highly encourage you to pre-purchase your admission so that your wait to get in is shorter, we welcome walk-ups!  We understand that schedules change, or open up allowing you to come to PopCon. What we will say…YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS POPCON THIS YEAR!

Indianapolis is a walkable city with Scooters available for rent. Our parking partner, Gate Ten, offers reasonable rates (some of the best you’ll find downtown) as well as shuttles to and from the Indiana Convention Center.

Pre-Purchase your parking HERE.

Check out this page, but do not delay! Room blocks fill up fast!  If you run into a full hotel, PLEASE CALL THAT HOTEL and request the POPCON rate, and they will hopefully be able to accommodate your request (pun intended!)

PopCon is very fortunate to operate out of a building that is so very accessible!  The Indiana Convention Center page on ADA Accessibility can be found HERE.

Registration area info will be coming soon.

All weapons will be subject to inspection before entry and at any point during the convention.

No functioning weapons are permitted including guns, projectile weapons, water guns, knives, blunt objects, etc. This also includes any explosives (including firecrackers, caps, fireworks) and chemical weapons (mace, pepper spray, etc).

Metal-bladed weapons (including axes, daggers, hatchets, knives, kunai, swords, sword canes, etc.) must remain sheathed and zip-tied.

Replica firearms (including air soft guns, BB guns, cap guns, paintball guns, and pellet guns) must be marked with orange tip.
Show security and event staff reserve the right to inspect and remove any weapon or prop at any time.

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