PopCon Indy July 10-12 2020 | Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, IN

PopCon Superfans

We are nothing without our fans. They are the ones who funded the Kickstarter that told us, “Yes! People want PopCon!” They are the ones who shared Facebook and Twitter posts over 10,000 times cumulatively leading up to the show. They are the ones who took a chance on a first time show and bought tickets and showed up in astounding numbers for such a unique event. They encouraged us, gave us strength, told us when we messed up, and then patted us on the back when we got it right.

Thank you. To everyone who made us a success for the past three years and to those who will be giving us the next opportunity in 2018!

This page is for you.

2014 Kickstarter Backers

Random Photos From The Fans

We asked for photos from the fans to feature on the website, and you'll find plenty scattered around our various pages. We couldn't use everyone's albums, but here are some of our favorites submitted by our fans. The focus isn't always clear, but the fun is! :)
What is Indy PopCon? A great summary video from Michael T. Mann
Dozens of fans showed up on a random weekend for our goofy first commercial shoot. Thanks to Savage Productions for producing this gem!
This is the kind of enthusiasm that makes us smile, and keep moving forward.
Our fans don’t just look out for us, though. They look out for each other.
And they ask us the tough questions. Thanks, Nerdy Raptor!

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PopCon Indy July 10-12 2020 | Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, IN
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