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PopCon Podcast Awards

The third annual PopCon Podcast Awards will be held Friday June 7th at 7pm in Panel Room 4 at the Indiana Convention Center.

The ceremony is open to anyone that is an attendee of Indy PopCon (Friday, Three Day, VIP badges). Purchase tickets here. (Attendance is not required to win, but what fun is it to win and not be there to hear the applause?)

If you are a podcaster, please submit below.

If you are a podcast listener, please encourage your favorite podcasts to submit their work.

If you want to participate in the Audience Award, submissions will be available in May 2019.

If you are a podcaster and want to vote for the Smithie Award, submissions will be available in May 2019.


2019 Podcast Awards

Podcast Awards Submission Criteria

We welcome all creators of podcasts to submit their work for our annual awards ceremony. In our first year, we limited the scope of the awards to only podcasts produced in Indiana. Now that we have our feet beneath us, that is no longer a criterion. IT IS FREE TO SUBMIT.

Please find submission criteria below:

  • Must have published a minimum of five episodes.
  • Content to be submitted should be a single episode of your podcast from the last 12 months (specific timeframes are not exact in this, we trust those submitting that the content is recent).

As part of the application process we will need:

  • Contact information
  • Genre category your podcast best fits
  • Audio Submission
  • Permission to publish your submission
  • Permission to use audio from your submission during the awards ceremony as necessary

Awards to win:

  • Smithie Award: Best-of chosen by fellow podcasters
  • Audience Award: Best-of chosen by general audience
  • Major Category Award: Chosen by independent PopCon Podcast Awards judges
    • Each Category will have 3 to 5 finalists.
      (We reserve the right to combine any categories together for the sake of less-applied-for category’s competition).
      Category Finalists will be announced before the show.
    • Sub-Category Award (If Sub-Category exists, Major Category winner will be chosen from list of Sub-Category Winners)
  • Technical and Artistic Awards:
    • Intro
    • Editing and Mixing
    • Sound/Special Effects
    • Cover Art

Podcast Awards Submission

You may submit multiple shows for award consideration. If the form is not accepting your episode upload, add a link instead.  It may take some time to finish the upload. You will either get a confirmation or error if the upload works or doesn't.

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