PopCon Indy July 10-12 2020 | Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, IN

How to Upgrade Your Tickets

Our new PopCon ticketing platform makes it easy to track and manage your ticket orders and upgrade or swap tickets as needed. After purchasing your tickets and creating your PopCon ticketing account, you can access your “My Orders” page to view all tickets and upgrade or swap as applicable.

How do I Upgrade Tickets?

A step-by-step guide to properly upgrading tickets.

Step 1: Purchase Your Tickets

This one is easy! Visit our Ticket Purchasing site and grab whatever tickets you’d like.

After you complete your payment, you will receive an email to confirm your order, which takes us to Step 2.
VIP Admission

Step 2: Click the Link in Your Email

You will receive a link in your email which will confirm your ticket purchase, and give you access to reviewing your order. Click the “View Order Online” button and you will be taken to your custom ticket page.

This link is customized to your ticket order and should not be shared with non-trusted individuals, as they will be able to access your order information.

It is highly recommended that you then complete Step 3 and create a ticketing account to ensure you have a way to access your account at all times.

Step 3: Create Your PopCon Ticketing Account (Optional)

Note: If you do not complete this step, you will need to click the link in your email each time you wish to change your account. We highly recommend you create an account to ease your ticket management process.

Once you’re on the PopCon Ticketing Main Page, you will see your tickets displayed in the center of the page. If you are not yet logged in, at the very upper right of the screen you will see “Sign Up” and “Login” buttons. Click Sign Up and enter your information.

After completing registration, return to our ticket management page and login.

Note: You may need to verify your email address in order to access your tickets.

Step 4: Select Tickets to Upgrade

All tickets eligible to Swap or Upgrade are displayed in your “My Orders” page. Generally speaking, you can swap any ticket for another ticket of greater value.

Select the individual ticket you wish to upgrade and click “Swap or Upgrade”. You can also upgrade your entire order by clicking the “Upgrade Your Products” button.

Step 5: Upgrade and Pay

On the bottom left, select your tickets and what you want to upgrade them to. To the right, your cart will update automatically and reflect the price difference of your purchase.

Once your tickets are selected and your information is entered, click “Submit Upgrade Order” and enter your credit card information, and your tickets will be upgraded.

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PopCon Indy July 10-12 2020 | Indiana Convention Center | Indianapolis, IN
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