Shaun Burris


Growing up in a haunted home Shaun Burris never had the chance to not believe in Ghosts. All his life he has studied and looked to experience anything and everything in the world of the Paranormal. He witnessed his first exorcism at the age of thirteen and has spent his life looking for answers in the Shadows. The truth is (It’s all real, all of it!). The Dead speak, Aliens are here with us and death is not the end.

He has spent years speaking to those in the afterlife, but not because he’s a psychic but because he has spent his life in the late hours contacting & building a communication bond with Spirits. Don’t just take his word for it, his work will speak for itself.

Truth is stranger than fiction and it’s been through great hardships, paranormal attacks & other things that he has found the proof with technology. “The fairy tale is true. Evil exists, Good exists. And for us as people our greatest question (Does consciousness survive physical death), can now be answered for those brave enough to ask the questions in the darkness.


Shaun “Ghostman” Burris


Friday & Saturday


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