If you’re reading this now, you either have some curiosity about our show already – OR – your geeky kid made you read this link.  Either way, we hope to help parents understand what our show is about and how our show can help your child learn the in’s and out’s of their favorite geeky industry.

That’s right, we’re going to teach your children, whether they realize it or not!

The idea behind PopCon is to celebrate the independent creator, so we’ll be featuring dozens of creators and artists who are making a living doing fun, geeky things. Here’s how you and your kids can learn at PopCon.


PopCon prides itself on being a fun event that the whole family can enjoy. We feature entertaining, informational, and even educational content for all ages. We have workshops that develop and grow teens and help prepare them for careers in pop culture, and we have icons and legends that only pre-2000 babies will truly appreciate. Families will have no problem filling an entire weekend with fun that all can enjoy!

As is the case with all pop culture, some guests and their content will border on risque, contain profanity, and may contain sexual references. PopCon will responsibly label this content where appropriate and give parents the tools to decide what content is appropriate for their child.

Being able to meet with the celebrities and stars your child idolizes is one of the best, most unique experiences that you can have at our show. Dozens of professional actors, artists, YouTube stars, gamers, and geeks will be roaming the hall with sagely advice that they would happily share with aspiring youngsters.

Because of expected attendance and limited time, it’s impossible to promise that they will meet any specific guest. Meet and greets are first come, first serve, and if you arrive late you may not have the opportunity. PopCon will make every possible opportunity available for them to be able to see their favorite guest, however.

Guests with high demand expectations will often have panels with large seating capacity and their signings will take place on an elevated stage so fans who can’t get in line can at least walk by, wave, and even take a picture.

PopCon will make every opportunity available that we possibly can, but we cannot guarantee any specific meet and greets.

Don’t tell them this, but your kids just might be able to learn a thing or two. It will be our little secret.

We will have several workshops specifically aimed at individuals who are curious about breaking into the latest and greatest geek industries. If your child is starting to show interest in potential geeky careers, encourage them to attend some of the workshops and learn about the basics of getting started down a path to getting paid to be a geek.

We will also feature panels and workshops for you. If you don’t quite understand what YouTube is or you’ve never been into gaming or comics or art – but your child is – then we have you covered. Workshops with industry professionals will give you the basic information you need to understand how certain industries work, how you can encourage your child to pursue their dreams, the paths they can take in college, and the real-world skills that come with creating and pursuing their hobbies.

We have a special admission price for children age 11 and under: $10 for the WHOLE weekend, and accompanied by a paying adult. Children 11 and under have the same privileges afforded to their guardians.

All guests on our website are scheduled to attend PopCon, but professional commitments and circumstances beyond our control can affect their attendance.

When conflicts arise, we remove them from the website until the conflict is resolved. If they formally cancel, we list them as such under the menu item Events & Guests.

If someone you heard was going to be at PopCon is on neither list, then they have not yet confirmed their attendance for the show. It is possible that negotiations for appearance are on-going, but not completed, and you should not expect anyone to appear until they are formally added to our website guest list.

We cannot guarantee the appearance of any specific celebrity or guest and are not responsible for cancellations. If you have any questions, please contact us!