Top 7 TV’s Geekiest Christmas Episodes

Geekiest TV Christmas Episodes

If you’re like us, once Thanksgiving is over it’s full on Christmas mode. Putting up the tree, hanging the lights, and revisiting our favorite ghosts of geekiest Christmas episodes past. Buffy – Amends Buffy and crew are facing Christmas and or Hanukkah because let’s face it not everyone worships Santa, in this odd yet charming […]

Saved by the Bell: Shows You Didn’t Know

Saved by the Bell

For a show where the cast felt that each season was probably the last, Saved by the Bell has continued to thrive for years in re-runs and spinoffs..With the latest update having debuted in late 2020, Saved by the Bell continues it’s legacy with a more updated tone. Good Morning Miss Bliss As many of […]

Animaniacs: The Rise, Demise, and Revival


Steven Spielberg’s Animaniacs was an early 90s cartoon that was made for children but, like a lot of 90s cartoons, had quite a few adult jokes and innuendos intertwined. As we enter the 20s Animaniacs is set to return as a streaming show on Hulu. Let’s revisit some of the fun facts that led to […]