LogoVendor NameVendor WebsiteVendor DescriptionPopCon Realms
@kitschandcrossbonesWebsiteHandmade accessoriesComics, Anime, Gaming, Film
Aaron "Doc" SpringerWebsiteArt prints, stickers and shirtsComics, Anime, Gaming, Art, Film, Other
Agi Jagi ShopWebsitePlush dolls, enamel pins, acrylic standees, keychains, Ita bags, plushie purses, stickers, etc.Anime, Art
Alcey C Artistry & Mark by MarcWebsiteCustom Digital Art Prints and StickersArt
Alexis RoyceWebsiteWatercolor originals and commissions, prints, chibi buttons, and visual novels!Comics, Anime, Gaming, Art
Allison's Anime ArtWebsiteI will be selling anime characters on glass painting.Anime, Art
Anime Crew LLCWebsiteAnime Crew delivers to the customer the value of Japanese animated productions. We deal with a wide variety of merchandise and a new look at anime with officially licensed products. We are also lovers of Japanese pop-culture. Anime Crew LLC carries and displays Games, Costumes, Action Figure, Wall Scroll/Poster, Plush, Blue Ray/DVD, Clothes/T-shirt/Hoodies, Bag, Key Chain, Body Pillow, Wallet, Cap, Jewelry/Accessory, Flag, and etc.Anime, Music
AnimeStuffStore.comWebsiteAnime character goods, imported and domestic. Wigs, collectibles, figures, household products, t-shirts, posters, etc.Anime
AnimeStuffStore.comWebsiteAnime character goods, t-shirts, wigs, figures, bags, blankets, kigurumis, etc.Anime
Anon BunnyWebsiteIllustrations, stickers, and charms. Bright colors and monstrous creatures galore!(Posters, Prints, Stickers, Acrylic Pins and Charms)Art, Anime, Gaming, Sci Fi
Art by Ma’iitsohWebsiteI would love to present my art. I create digital fantasy artwork, usually portraits. I would be selling signed and high quality art prints, and some merchandise with my art printed on them. (Book marks, stickers, etc)Fantasy, Art
BiohazardShortyWebsiteArt that uses Nature and Bones as inspiration as well as art that features media that incorporates those themes.Anime, Art, Comics
Bittersweet HavenWebsiteOriginal art (prints, acrylic charms, stickers, etc) and original plushies. Possibly custom dolls and some handmade clothing.Art, Fantasy, Anime, Gaming
Calcifer's CrapWebsiteEarrings, pins, keychains, and shirtsAnime, Art, Cosplay
Cara Greenleaf DesignsWebsiteHandmade chain maille jewelry, armor and accessoriesArt, Cosplay, Other
Cardz XtceteraWebsiteManga, collectibles, nostalgia, Steampunk, Cosplay, Gaming, Asian snacks/beverages and etched glassware.Comics, Fantasy, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, Art, Literature, Film
ChibitasmWebsiteChibi badges, Keychain, stickers, plushies, prints.Anime, Comics, Gaming, Art
Chubby Bunny StudiosWebsiteOne of a kind handmade handbags.wallets, backpacks and accessoriesComics, Anime, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Film
Crayon Queen CreationsWebsiteKeychains, pencil bags, pillows, enamel pins.Anime, Gaming
Critical Hit CollectiblesWebsiteCritical Hit Collectibles has a wide selection of handmade home decor and pins, from the nerdy to the darkly comic. Level up your wardrobe and home!Gaming, Art, Sci Fi, Anime
CryTime (Sophia DeFelice)WebsiteArt prints, stickers, enamel pins, playing cards, fine art pieces, handmade art goods, other various art itemsArt
DaSueDragon DesignsWebsiteDaSueDragon Designs is devoted to hand-crafting the highest quality leather works. We specialize in bags, armor, and various leather cosplay and PG furry accessories including custom leather furry partials! Design and customization are our specialty!Fantasy, Gaming, Cosplay, Art, Other
dearly.meWebsiteOriginal and fan art, fantasy and pop-culture!Fantasy, Gaming, Art, Anime
Demijoon & SpoonzieWebsiteI will be selling art prints, buttons, and stickers.Art
Fur, Fun, and More!WebsiteWe sell Furry Accessories, Fanart, Original Art and More!Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, Other
GAKWebsiteWe will be selling prints, t-shirts, longboards and stickers.Comics, Anime, Art, Music
Galda Games LLCWebsiteWe are a local company creating fun and engaging card games for families and friends, including our first game Cubicus Rex, a coopetition game mixing Go Fish and Uno, with a bit of chess-like strategy.Gaming
Glitter Geek ArtsWebsiteLanyards, Aprons, Wallets, Key Fobs, Pop culture Home Decor, Charms, Buttons.Comics, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Gaming, Cosplay, Art, Film, Anime
Glowing Vista GiftsWebsiteWe lean toward the horror side - Furry Bones, Skeleton / Dragon / Zombie Statues, Horror action figures, Living Dead Dolls, framed licensed art, Famous Monster Tshirts,Art, Film, Other
Haha Anime and GamesWebsitegames, gaming supplies, kigurumis, plush (Sorbet Jungle, Tasty Peach Studios and more), Paw Star ears and tails, stickers, anime and media collectiblesSci Fi, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, Fantasy
Hometown Comics & GamesWebsiteCosplay outfits, Kigurumi & Accessories. Anime and Comic Statues & Figures. Ocarina & Songbooks.Anime, Comics, Cosplay, Music, Gaming
Insomnia QueenWebsitePrints, buttons, and stickers of cartoon fanart and original worksArt
Jeremy ProvostWebsiteArt prints, original art & Children's booksComics, Anime, Art
KamoriaArtWebsiteprints, enamel pins, original artFantasy, Art
Katherine Bolan Concept Art and IllustrationWebsitePrints of original fantasy and sci-fi artFantasy, Art, Sci Fi
Lemon WhiskersWebsiteEnamel and acrylic pins, buttons, stickers, prints and more.Art, Anime
LilisysWebsitePrints, buttons, at-con commissionsAnime, Gaming, Art
Loading Crew CraftsWebsiteBody pillow cases, art prints, charms, comic books (self published), and plushies.Anime, Gaming, Art, Other
Lonely Robot ComicsWebsiteThe finest in independent comic books.Comics, Art
Lunameed PublishingWebsiteBooks and geeky crochet.Fantasy, Sci Fi, Literature
Magpie's OdditiesWebsiteI sell handmade accessories including hair accessories, earrings, clip on bunny ears, and very popular choker designs in a wide range of themes and aesthetics. I also offer original artworks as prints, stickers, and buttons.Anime, Cosplay, Art, Fantasy
MemehubWebsiteWe sell meme, anime and gaming themed merchandise!Other, Gaming, Anime, Cosplay
Mina's Art ShopWebsitePixel art (keychains, pins, hairpins, coasters, etc), scarves, threaded portraits, and resin work!Comics, Anime, Fantasy, Gaming, Art
MushMuseWebsiteHigh quality art prints with a dream-like, whimsical feeling!Fantasy, Anime, Gaming, Art, Sci Fi, Comics
Mythos MonstersWebsiteLoveraft and dragon related art prints, sculpts, coloring books, & original art.Art, Fantasy, Sci Fi
Nights of YoreWebsiteNights of Yore is a streamlined online tabletop roleplaying game played on your mobile device and TV.Fantasy, Gaming
Obscure OrbsWebsiteglass marbles, dyed yarn, paint and drawing artComics, Art, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Other
PERRY COMICS PRESSWebsitewe have a variety of original graphic novels featuring sci-fi,fantasy,superheroes and action- comedy. Attack Nation is a superhero-anthology comic book series about the survivors of a terrorist attack on Rocket City and how life around them changed forever. Circo City is a anthology comic book series centered on a fictional city in mid-western America. The first story arc of the series will focus on a super cop team known as the Metro Squad.Comics, Art
PixelWayve StudiosWebsiteArt prints, original comic, buttonsAnime, Comics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Art
Pokeballs by CrayleWebsitePokeball dioramas, with scenes of what Pokemon would do inside their Pokeballs.Anime, Gaming
Pop Heart StudiosWebsiteanime trading figures, figures, plush, ita bags, anime character goods and keychains, Clap fans, 18+ anime figures, plus more misc anime related items.Anime
Pop Heart StudiosWebsiteanime full figures, trading figures, character goods, 18+ figures and character goods, plush, clap fans, pop culture and Japanese household goods, sometimes ita bags or interesting accessories of the like, etc.Anime
psychosnrosesWebsiteI sell lots of different stuff from acrylic keychains, buttons, enamel pins, stickers, pillow cases, prints and more! I'm always making new merch for fandoms im into at the moment, but for the most part I'll always have some bnha, jjk, kermit and genshin stuff, on hand!Anime, Art, Gaming
PUILLUSTRATEDWebsitePui Che is a fantasy illustrator. Together with the muses, Pui interweaves storytelling into each of his works, exploring philosophy and the spirituals. Each of Pui's originals, art print, canvas, tapestry, playmats, journal and stationary goodies are a diverse of visual adventure to be had.Fantasy, Art
qxngtaoWebsiteArt prints and stickers with art and designs from qxngtao.Art, Anime
Radiant GreyWebsiteFan art and original illustration featured on posters, pins, and metal printsComics, Fantasy, Anime, Gaming, Art
Ron BraunWebsiteOriginal comic books, original art, prints, plush, buttonsSci Fi, Fantasy, Art
Sam Perin and Brooklyn Smith ArtWebsiteWe will be selling high quality realistic original fantasy and scifi paintings and prints.Fantasy, Art, Sci Fi, Gaming
SapphelliWebsitePrints, stickers, handmade jewelry, and unique paintings. A few fan art things mixed with original art.Art, Fantasy
Sew QuiltableWebsiteJason and Tori Artman, owners of Sew Quiltable, are your Comic Quilters. Offering full-service quilting for projects of all sizes. Much of what they bring to conventions are throw-sized quilts, the perfect size for cuddling up in your most comfortable chair and watching your favorite movies or reading your chosen comics. But that does not mean they won’t work with you to customize something so that you can have your ideal character across the top of your bed—very often sooner than you think it can be done. Whether they are starting with a photograph or a treasured character, they can design something completely custom and as unique as each of their customers.Other, Comics, Film, Art
Shawn E Russell ArtsWebsiteFine art prints, original drawings & paintings, enamel pins, notebooks, and apparel centered around the theme of naturalistic surreal/fantastical wildlife.Art, Fantasy
Soft PeachWebsiteStickers, Art Prints, Comics, At-Con Commissions, Charms, Keychains, (hopefully) comicsAnime, Gaming, Art, Comics
Squishy PandaWebsiteSelling resin products. (Jewelry, jewelry boxes, trinket dishes, pill trays, tealight candle holders, earrings, bookmarks, charms, shakers, and more.) Sewing. (Clothes, masks, bustles, shrugs, pencil cases, and more) And decalsAnime, Fantasy, Gaming, Cosplay, Art
Swallowed Sun BooksWebsiteBooks, costume masks, necklaces, sculpturesSci Fi, Fantasy, Art, Literature
Sweet Geek StudioWebsiteSweet Geek Studio features the cutest fan art & original prints, buttons & magnets, phone holders, keychains and jewelry.Sci Fi, Anime, Art
Tales Unlimited, LLC.WebsiteSelf-published science fiction anthologies, super villain fiction novels, writing guides, and a concept-driven podcast series.Sci Fi, Literature, Podcast
The art of Chad SchoettleWebsiteArtist selling art prints, original art of the prints, self published comic book series, and on site commissionsComics, Anime, Art
The Black BazaarWebsiteOffering Unique leather accessories, Necklaces, Rings, keychains and pins from over 2000 fandoms! Fully Custom Steampunk goggles, GIANT Inflatable D20s, custom D20 dice and accessories. Movie, TV show and pop culture custom props that are unique, one of a kind, and exclusive to our company.Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Art, Film, Other
The Flying MandrakeWebsiteHarry Potter related merchandiseArt, Film
The Lumičre AtelierWebsiteoriginal comics, accessories like keychains, buttons and pins, stationery like notebooks and stickers, handmade pillows, prints, on-site commissionsAnime, Art, Comics
The Relics of ErrusWebsiteWhat if science and mythology were the same thing? The Relics of Errus series by Gordon Greenhill brings the best of YA Fantasy reading to book lovers young and old. relicsoferrus.comFantasy, Literature
Tibbs Illustrations and CreatiobsWebsiteHorror prints, wooden plaques, other horror art, tumblers, purses/handbags, various other horror/pop culture art and crafts.Art, Film
Tristan ThompsonWebsiteComics, prints, booksComics, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Art, Literature
Twisted MarrowWebsiteEnamel pins, stickers, prints, zipper bags, etc.Art, Gaming
Venus Dreams Of ArtWebsiteI sell resin crafts based on anime, video games, and comics. My crafts range from earrings, keychains, trinket trays, coasters, hair clips, wall displays, and other goodies.Comics, Anime, Gaming, Other
VonnartWebsiteDrawn illustrations in a fantasy, whimsical theme. We offer art prints, playing card decks, tote bags, and pins.Fantasy, Art
WoolblossomWebsitePrints, stickers, charms, enamel pins, and other products revolving around nostalgic childhood franchises as well as cute animals!Art
Xan Larson ArtWebsiteArt and comics mostly inspired by mythology and fantasy creatures and characters.Comics, Fantasy, Art
YamerproWebsiteI sell prints, stickers, buttons and shirts of fanart and original artwork of anime, chibis and Yokai mythological artwork.Anime, Fantasy
SpectroliteAAAWebsiteA mix of original and fantastic. Posters, enamel pins, plushies.Fantasy, Gaming, Art