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30,000+ attendance
48 States, 9 Countries

350+ vendors, creators, and game developers

300+ panels, events and workshops

300+ press, YouTube, and media members

60,000+ social media fans/folowers and growing

What is PopCon™️?

PopCon™️ was founded in 2014 as a show for fans, by fans. Partially funded through Kickstarter, our goal was to set out and create a unique one-of-a-kind convention that united fans and geeks of all flavors and invited them for a weekend of fun, excitement, and education.

We’re proud to say in our six years, we’ve become one of the Midwest’s largest fan conventions and have found both a national and international fan following – and we’re just getting started.

At PopCon™️, it’s not just our goal to show pop culture, it’s our goal to grow it. We help fans of all ages find themselves and turn their hobbies into careers, and learn how to improve their skills by interacting with those who came before them.

Our sponsors are crucial to us achieving our goals as a convergeance of pop culture and an incubator of today’s emerging creators, so we thank you for considering our show. Our fans are our lifeblood, and your contributions will directly improve their show, and we trust they will happily repay you in kind with their loyalty, curiosity, and support.

Thank you,
Carl Doninger
President, Pop Con LLC

Demographic Information

Male/Female Ratio


Average Household Income


Have Fun, Will Travel

43% traveled from outside Indiana

Global Draw

9 countries represented by fans

Mass Market Appeal

30% PopCon™️ was their first con ever

By the Numbers

Media Outlets
Unique Content Pieces Created
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Total Attendance
0 +
Social Media Followers
Website Pageviews During Peak Show Promotion
Total Facebook Reach During Peak Show Promotion
$ 0
Economic Impact for City of Indianapolis

Attendee Age

Average Salary

Reboot Sponsorship

$2,500 – $20,000

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